Monday, December 15, 2014

Game Details: Murder on the Transvaal Express

In 1903, a foul murder is committed on the Transvaal Express, and it is up to the motley collection of passengers to solve the crime before they reach Johannesberg. Captain Van Dyke of the South African navy has been slain, and the secret documents he was carrying stolen. All of the other passengers stand to gain from the documents, but which one would stoop so low as to slay a naval officer with a magnificent beard?
Was it the Indian Diplomat, sitting so timidly behind his horn-rimmer glasses? Or possibly the fabulously wealthy arms dealer? Could it have been his own batman? Or the English doctor traveling home from his mission hospital? Was it one of the railway porters, embroiled in some sinister conspiracy?
Murder on the Trasnvaal Express is a role playing game of deduction and bluff. One of the players is the murderer, the others must try to find out who while avoiding suspicion themselves. The game will use the easily learned and highly adaptable Dice Chucker V.3 ruleset, and support up to four players per session (due to the size of the railway compartment in which it will be run!). There will be three game sessions run throughout the day, and no prior RPG experience is required.

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