Thursday, January 14, 2016

Code of Conduct and Weapons Policy.

Coal Creek has just updated it's code of conduct to take into account cosplayers. You can find the complete code on the Coal Creek website.

The following restrictions apply to cosplay weapons:

 One Metre (1m) Length Restriction: All props and weapons cannot be over 1m in length inside Coal Creek Community Park and Museum. 
 No Actual firearms: These include bb/airsoft, modern, hunting or historic, either functioning or de-commissioned. 
 No Replica firearms: Anything that is designated a replica made from metal; solid resin/plastic/rubber is not to be brought onto expo grounds. 
 Toy/Prop Guns require Orange Tips: These are required to have orange safety tips at all times, however they can be removable for photography or competition purposes as long as they are re-attached when moving around the Park. They may not be made out of any prohibited material listed for replica weapons including metal. 
 No firing projectiles: Props or weapons capable of firing any projectile of any kind are prohibited. 
 No utilising of powder charge or flammable fuel: Props or weapons that utilise a powder charge are prohibited, including cap guns. So too are any items that contain flammable fuel (liquid or gas). 
 Nerf guns must be unloaded: Nerf guns, Nerf bows and other foam dart guns (including modified versions) are allowed, but must be unloaded – foam darts/projectiles are prohibited on expo grounds. 
 No functional bows/slingshots/crossbows: Real, functioning bows, slingshots and crossbows are not permitted on expo grounds. Non-functional prop versions are permitted provided they are not over the length limit, not made of metal and have no high-tensile stringing. Real arrows and other items used in bows or slingshots are also prohibited, however prop arrows are permitted provided they not made of prohibited material such as metal and carbon fibre, are securely attached to your costume and not loose at any time. 
 No Laser Pointers: If you have a laser pointer in your prop or weapon, make sure it cannot function (e.g. removing the batteries). If you are seen to be using a Laser Pointer anywhere within the expo, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the event. 
 No Metal Weapons or Props: Due to the weight and the sharp edges involved with metal items, these are not permitted within Coal Creek. Items bought at Coal Creek which are metal must remain in packaging until you leave the site. This includes all Cast, Laser Cut and Forged props of any kind. Example prohibited materials: Steel, Aluminium, Bronze, Copper and Brass. Props included but are not limited to: Shields, Swords/Daggers/Knives and Poles/Rods. 
  No active martial arts weapons: Examples include nunchaku, throwing stars and any weapon made for actual martial arts combat. Prop versions are allowed as long as they are not made of metal or have sharp points or edges.

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