Sunday, November 27, 2016

Spectator Gaming

At GeekFest 2017, we will be running a number of games in front of a live studio audience. In a church.
Come along and watch RPGs such as All Outta Bubblegum, where players try to solve simple everyday problems in the most extreme butt-whooping way possible and Everyone is John, in which the voices in John's head vie for control to try to achieve their outlandish aims. In these games nothing is certain except hilarity. And audience participation! Every time we play we will be inviting an audience member to join us on stage and join in the crazy.
But wait - there's more! We're also planning on playing But Wait - There's More the game of improvised late night telemarketing ads! Can we convince the audience to buy a horse... with wifi? What about a shovel which helps you get the man of your dreams AND extends from 6-12 inches at the touch of a finger? Come along to the Spectator Gaming Arena (okay, the church) to find out!

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