Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Star Queens: The Fierce Awakens

STAR QUEENS. THE FIERCE AWAKENS is a Star Wars Drag Show which takes you on a fabulous light speed journey through deep space in a galaxy far, far away. Starring Philmah Bocks & Art Simone, the girls visit classic moments from the original films, incorporating their left of centre creativity and humour. Sourcing Australia's best costume designers, they have produced a set of jaw-dropping couture, accompanied by a fierce soundtrack mixed and produced by DJ Argonaut and choreography by Two Of A Kind. The show is produced by Philmah Bocks with the signature twisted entertainment that both Philmah & Art are well known for, this is one epic show surely not to be missed.

And this year, they will also be presenting their take of Pricilla, Queen of the Desert.

The Star Queens will be performing on the verandah of the Pig and Whistle cafe twice daily (1300 and 1600), as well as mingling with the crowds and delivering a discussion on makeup. Philma Art and Jemima have also agreed to be cosplay judges.

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