Sunday, May 21, 2017

Paint+Take 2018

First Place 2017, by Nik Top.
Ever looked at all those awesome figures online or in the gaming magazines and wanted to learn how to paint them for yourself? Well your luck is in - Paint+Take returns for 2018!  The rules of Paint+Take are simple - if you paint it, you can take it. We provide the miniatures, brushes and paints, plus a handy place mat (because we get in trouble when you paint on the actual tables...) with basic painting instructions on it. There are a whole plethora of Reaper Bones miniatures to choose from, and each table is provided with a choice of eleven paints including two metallics.

Painting Classes:
Want to learn more advanced techniques? There will be two hour long painting workshops run in the very same venue by a large man with a beard.
Learn to paint Skin and Fur: 1000-1100
Learn to paint Armour and Cloth: 1300-1400

Second Place 2017, Pete Spiller
Painting Contest:
The traditional GeekFest Paint+Take Painting Contest also returns with first, second and third prizes for best figure painted at GeekFest. There are also a number of 'Cool paint job' awards - these don't go to the best painted figures but to the ones with the coolest ideas.
Entry is simple - just paint a figure in the Paint+Take building, leave your name, a contact number AND the miniature with the organisers and come back at 1615 when the winners will be announced and showered with prizes!
This year's contest is divided into:
Junior (under 16)
Open (over 16)

Photo Booth:
The Paint+Take Photo Booth returns! Once you've finished painting your amazing mini, why not take a photo in our amazing photo booth and share it online? The photo booth has been designed to offer a range of spectacular backdrops and uses LED lighting.
Gladys; (2017 demo)
Gauntfield; (2017 demo)
Blue Wizard; (2017 demo)

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