Thursday, January 4, 2018

GeekFest 2018 Presenters: Craig Fison

Craig Fison is a designer and Maker. He has worked on some of the best known films over the last 25 years .

Imagine a lad From Kwinana, an industrial town south of Perth W.A. with no prospects except going into industry busting out and rebelling from the school that once told him he would never make a living from art.

Well with a list from Star Wars, Moulin Rouge, Mission Impossible 2, Cleopatra, The matrix etc etc the list goes on just google his name.

He has worked all around the world In theatre and on films making props and painting scenery for all number of productions. He has specialised in miniatures over the last 15 years and was the Art Director On Adam Elliots Feature length Stop Motion Animation Film “Mary an Max ” which was all shot in a small warehouse in Melbourne.

He has currently been bring his skills to everyones doors by combining his theatrical skills and artist talents in a Mix of Interior design and Set building enabling people to feel like they are on the set of a lavish film or giving the sense that your on holidays in your own home or at you favourite restaurant. check out his web page or follow him on Instagram @ artprojector, Or come to geek fest and listen to him Give a talk on sets props and miniatures.

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