Thursday, January 4, 2018

GeekFest 2018 presenters: Joe Italiano

"I have been involved with comics since I was twelve. While still in college, in 1977 I began a comic mail order business, which has since expanded to become Alternate Worlds in 1988. Alternate Worlds covers retail, wholesale and distribution of comics and collectables. Alternate Worlds is the oldest comic based business in Australia and one of the oldest in the World.

I was there at the birth of CCG’s (Collectable Card games) and CMG (Collectable miniature gaming) and have been playing many since, competing in various championships. I have numerous, untold final 4 positions, Australian titles in various systems as well as World championship titles in a few. I was appointed Australian TO (Tournament Organizer) for a number of companies and their gaming systems. My fondest memory of CCG was a game called Wyvern, for which I broke the system (I told them how and that the victory conditions should be changed) and so they did.

During this time, my love of role playing (RPG) inspired me to fill a void in the RPG vacuum and I wrote a Super Hero RPG “Super Squadron” which was released in 1983. Although it was very well received and I release two expansions for the game and a newsstand gaming magazine, my hobbies were not giving me enough of a return, so I expanded my comic mail order into a fully fledged store.

In 1990 I ran another Comicon called Supecom, although successful, I realized I was stretching myself thin adding conventions back into the mix, so I dropped out of this type of convention scene.

I have one of the most extensive comic collections in the world, covering both the US publications and Australian comics. My final year of Graphic Design History thesis was based on comic history/influence, which earned me a Higher Distinction for the year. (By this stage, even my professors were more appreciative of comic art). I am knowledgeable in the evolution and history of comic books as well as their collectability and grading. I think it’s time I shared this knowledge."

Joe from Alternate Worlds will be discussing the art of pop culture and comic collectables. Bring along your treasures as Joe will be giving evaluations on selected items from the crowd in an ‘Antique Roadshow’ style talk.

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