Wednesday, November 30, 2016

GeekFest Second Hand Stall 2017

Are you avoiding GeekFest because you know you will leave considerably lighter in pocket, and your pocket is already up there with hydrogen in terms of lightness? Are you looking for a way to flog off some old geeky ephemera? Are you looking for a place to buy pre-loved geeky ephemera?
If you have answered in the affirmative to any of these questions, then rejoice, for the Infamous GeekFest Second Hand Stall is back yet again once more!

If you have things to sell, you can either print out and complete this extremely convenient form before dropping them off, or simply turn up on the day (and fill in the same form, but in the certain knowledge that you are wasting time which could be spent on geeking out like a god-king.)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Spectator Gaming

At GeekFest 2017, we will be running a number of games in front of a live studio audience. In a church.
Come along and watch RPGs such as All Outta Bubblegum, where players try to solve simple everyday problems in the most extreme butt-whooping way possible and Everyone is John, in which the voices in John's head vie for control to try to achieve their outlandish aims. In these games nothing is certain except hilarity. And audience participation! Every time we play we will be inviting an audience member to join us on stage and join in the crazy.
But wait - there's more! We're also planning on playing But Wait - There's More the game of improvised late night telemarketing ads! Can we convince the audience to buy a horse... with wifi? What about a shovel which helps you get the man of your dreams AND extends from 6-12 inches at the touch of a finger? Come along to the Spectator Gaming Arena (okay, the church) to find out!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tickets now on sale

Tickets for GeekFest 2017 are now on sale via TryBooking or the 'tickets' link in the menu at left.

All tickets cover entry to GeekFest and participation in all of the events.

GOLD PASS: $25. Adult 2-day entry and GeekFilm festival.
SILVER PASS: $15. Child 2-day entry.
RED PASS: $10. Adult 1-day entry.
YELLOW PASS: $10. Child 1-day entry.
BLUE PASS: $5. Adult observer (not participating in events), 1-day entry.
GEEKFILM PASS: $10, GeekFilm festival only.

Roleplaying Games in the Train

Once again, DM Brad will be running short one-shot RPG sessions in the second class carriage of the train at GeekFest 2017.

All Outta Bubblegum:

You're here to kick butt and chew bubblegum... and you're all outta bubblegum. In this super simple RPG, players are given a mundane task to perform, by rolling under the number of pieces of bubblegum they have. When they fail, they lose bubblegum. Which means eventually they run out of bubblegum and have no choice but to KICK BUTT! Ever wanted to travel to melbourne on a rocket-propelled emu on rollerskates just so you can get your uni enrolment in on time? Or use ninja stealth powers to steal a phone simply so you can be the first of your friends to download the Korumburra app? Then All Outta Bubblegum is for you.

Everyone is John:

John has problems. He's hearing voices in his head, and those voices keep telling him to do strange things. In this quick to learn competitive RPG, each player is one of those voices, vying for control over John as he spends the day at GeekFest. Each voice has three objectives they want to achieve, and a bunch of skills to try to achieve them, whether it's lifting ducks above your head, drawing moustaches on medieval enactors or smuggling an emu out of the park. At the end of the session, the voice who has achieved the most wins.

Both All Outta Bubblegum and Everyone is John are freely available online if you want to check out the rules before playing.

Late November update

Here we are a little under two months out from GeekFest - time for an update on freshly confirmed events!

MINECRAFT: Minecraft will be back in 2017 in the auditorium at the main entrance building.

RPGS: There will be sessions of popular (and wildly crazy games) Everyone is John and All Outta Bubblegum both days in the second class railway carriage.

SPECTATOR RPGS LIVE ON STAGE: On both afternoons, there will be RPGs and improvisational games taking place live on stage at the Church. With audience participation.

COLLECTIBLE CARD GAMES: There will be CCG events occurring - we're still ironing out details of exactly which games.

STAR QUEENS: We've confirmed the return of the hugely popular Star Queens for GeekFest 2017, stay tuned for exciting announcements about workshops with them!

COSPLAY WORKSHOP: Helena Evans will be running Cosplay workshops on both days. Stay tuned for more details.

ANIME LAB: Anime Lab will be at the park and screening anime once again.

COLOURING CONTEST: The children's colouring contest will be back with hourly prizes.

We're working on a schedule, which will be online soon, along with more extensive information about all of the events. We've also got exciting news about confirmed vendors, and will be posting extensive information as it comes in.