Saturday, August 19, 2017

Paint+Take 2018 survey

At GeekFest 2018 we're letting YOU choose the Paint+Take miniatures. Please follow the link to the survey and vote on your favourite figures in each of the nine categories. We'll be ordering the most popular figure in each category for your painting pleasure come January 21st. The survey will close on October 31st.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

GeekFest 2018 Presenters: Jennifer Windt.

Time travel is not just science fiction—in fact, we all engage in mental time travel, and we do so all the time. We time travel when we remember past experiences, but also when we anticipate future ones. And we time travel in spontaneous fantasy or daydreams—as well as when we fall asleep and dream at night. In this talk, I will explore the role of time travel in our conscious lives. Might time travel even be closely intertwined with our sense of self and identity?

Jennifer M. Windt is a lecturer in philosophy at Monash University. Her research centers on philosophy of mind and philosophy of cognitive science, with a particular focus on mind wandering and spontaneous thought in wakefulness, dreaming, sleep, and self-consciousness. She is the author of Dreaming (2015, MIT) and together with Thomas Metzinger edited Open MIND (2016, MIT; an open access version is available at As of July 2017, she is starting a 3-year research project on mind wandering in wakefulness and sleep funded by the Australian Research Council.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

GeekFest 2018 Presenters: Matthew Lee.

Matthew is the editor and publisher of The Campaigner magazine, a tabletop lifestyle publication put together in Australia but available to the world. He is also owner of game and hobby media services company Motive Force, and a member of Tabletop Game Designers Australia.

Have a magazine, book or other publication you want to make, but don’t know where to start? Join Matthew as he talks about the basics of creating physical media. Learn about how to get started, and what options you have when bringing your creation to life.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Paint+Take 2018

First Place 2017, by Nik Top.
Ever looked at all those awesome figures online or in the gaming magazines and wanted to learn how to paint them for yourself? Well your luck is in - Paint+Take returns for 2018!  The rules of Paint+Take are simple - if you paint it, you can take it. We provide the miniatures, brushes and paints, plus a handy place mat (because we get in trouble when you paint on the actual tables...) with basic painting instructions on it. There are a whole plethora of Reaper Bones miniatures to choose from, and each table is provided with a choice of eleven paints including two metallics.

Painting Classes:
Want to learn more advanced techniques? There will be two hour long painting workshops run in the very same venue by a large man with a beard.
Learn to paint Skin and Fur: 1000-1100
Learn to paint Armour and Cloth: 1300-1400

Second Place 2017, Pete Spiller
Painting Contest:
The traditional GeekFest Paint+Take Painting Contest also returns with first, second and third prizes for best figure painted at GeekFest. There are also a number of 'Cool paint job' awards - these don't go to the best painted figures but to the ones with the coolest ideas.
Entry is simple - just paint a figure in the Paint+Take building, leave your name, a contact number AND the miniature with the organisers and come back at 1615 when the winners will be announced and showered with prizes!
This year's contest is divided into:
Junior (under 16)
Open (over 16)

Photo Booth:
The Paint+Take Photo Booth returns! Once you've finished painting your amazing mini, why not take a photo in our amazing photo booth and share it online? The photo booth has been designed to offer a range of spectacular backdrops and uses LED lighting.
Gladys; (2017 demo)
Gauntfield; (2017 demo)
Blue Wizard; (2017 demo)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

GeekFest 2018 dates and theme announced.

GeekFest 2018 will take place in January 21st 2018. We have decided to introduce an annual theme to the event - 2018's theme is... TIME TRAVEL!

See you there!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Graewolfe Exhibit

Renowned crafter of steampunk artefacts to the gentry, James Graewolfe will be running a pop-up museum of his artefacts, as well as dellivering two presentations; Joys and Advantages of Steampunk and Steampunk Prop and Costume Making. He will also be selling his wares.

Geekabilly Girl by Bambi L'Amour

Annemiek Nelligan makes geeky jewellery and accessories under the wonderful name of Geekabilly Girl by Bambi L'Amour. She specialises in items inspired by and featuring pop cultural icons from super heroes to video game characters.

Hobby Bastion

Hobby Bastion, Warragul's noted bastion of hobbies will be at GeekFest 2017 dealing in games. They will also be running demo games in X-Wing, Pokemon CCG, Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer 40,000.

Alternate Worlds

Alternate Worlds, dealers in finest games, comics, collectables and other such goodness will not only be at GeekFest 2017, they will also be running demo games!

Jungle Speed:

The game revolves around matching cards with identical symbols, and it has some similarities to the game Snap. The similarities between some of the symbols, as well as some of the extra rules, make the game rather challenging.
Cards are dealt to each player face down, ensuring that all players have an equal number of cards in their stacks. A wooden cylinder called a Totem is placed in the center of the table, equidistant from all players. Any remaining cards that cannot be distributed equitably are placed under the totem in an area known as the Pot. Players take turns playing the top card from their stacks in a clockwise rotation. When a player plays a card that matches the symbol of another player's top card, the two players must duel to grab the totem in the center as quickly as possible. The loser of the duel takes both players' played cards, as well as any cards in the pot, and places them at the bottom of his deck. There are also three special effect cards that come into play. Note that biting is permitted in the rules of Jungle Speed.
Check out a video of the game here.

Highland CCG:

Highlander: The Card Game is a collectible card game based on the Highlander franchise of films and television series. Players build decks from a 400+ card set, taking on the persona of one of the Immortals depicted in the franchise. The core of the game takes the form of a sword duel with players alternately playing attacks and defenses. Other cards are played to affect the basic rules of the game. You win when your opponent is reduced to 0 ability or cannot avoid a "headshot" attack (i.e. decapitation, the only way to permanently kill an Immortal within the franchise canon)

Star Queens: The Fierce Awakens

STAR QUEENS. THE FIERCE AWAKENS is a Star Wars Drag Show which takes you on a fabulous light speed journey through deep space in a galaxy far, far away. Starring Philmah Bocks & Art Simone, the girls visit classic moments from the original films, incorporating their left of centre creativity and humour. Sourcing Australia's best costume designers, they have produced a set of jaw-dropping couture, accompanied by a fierce soundtrack mixed and produced by DJ Argonaut and choreography by Two Of A Kind. The show is produced by Philmah Bocks with the signature twisted entertainment that both Philmah & Art are well known for, this is one epic show surely not to be missed.

And this year, they will also be presenting their take of Pricilla, Queen of the Desert.

The Star Queens will be performing on the verandah of the Pig and Whistle cafe twice daily (1300 and 1600), as well as mingling with the crowds and delivering a discussion on makeup. Philma Art and Jemima have also agreed to be cosplay judges.