Sunday, December 21, 2014

Floorgames at Geekfest 2015

Are you looking for a way to get your gamer kids into wargames, but they're too young for all that dice rolling, chart checking, and measuring-tape-fu? Floor games are the answer! Very simple wargames played out across a floor, using dice or small balls as projectiles!
At Geekfest 2015, we will be running sessions of Pegflight, Pirates' Treassure and Winterloo (all highly popular games featured in the Gippsland Gamers holiday program since the dawn of time... or January 2014 anyway.)

Peg Flight is an exciting floor-based game which uses small aircraft models made from pegs. Dice are flicked or dropped to determine damage from attacks, and movement uses a set of rules and measuring sticks. Peg Flight is really very simple, and a lot of fun for kids ages 8+.
You also get to make lots of shooting noises.

Pirates' Treasure is an exhilarating nautical floor-based game of pirates fighting over a fabulous treasure. Okay, it's chocolate money. But it's FABULOUS chocolate money! Like Pegflight, movement is based on a set of measuring sticks, and you attack your fellow pirates by piffing dice at them. Whatever you hit is damaged, and whatever number is showing up on the dice when it stops moving is how bad the damage is. Did I mention the dice are exciting dice with lots of really big numbers? Because they are. Pirates' Treasure is simple and easy-to-learn fun for kids ages 8+.
And there's chocolate at stake.

Winterloo is an even simpler floor game, but that doesn't make it any less fun! It is the final great battle of the Napolarbearonic wars. Napolarbear Bonaparte has marshalled the Old Guard for one last battle, and the Duke of Walrusington has met him on the fields of Winterloo. In this game of old-fashioned horse-and-musket mayhem, rubber balls are the weapon of choice. Your valiant troops hurl them at the hated enemy, and any hated enemy knocked over are killed! 
Winterloo is a very simple game, suitable for ages 6+ (or those who never really bothered with the whole growing up business).

Collectible and Trading Card Games at Geekfest 2015

I shall tap these two swamps and play Child of Night!
There will be free form al fresco games of Magic: The Gathering running all day in the Sustainability Building. There's no real format; just rock up with a deck, grab an opponent and get your game on.
There will also be Pokemon and YuGiOh! running in the Old Paymaster's Office. Again, no real format, just turn up with your deck and challenge all comers to prove their superiority to you. Heck, if you rock up with Card Fight Vanguard! or something else, you'll probably find someone to play against.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Events schedule released

The Geekfest 2015 events schedule is now available on the events page. This version shows only sessions which have so far been confirmed, make sure to check back closer to the date for a more complete run-down of the events.

If you are interested in running an event, check out the Game Master's Information Page.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Game Details: Murder on the Transvaal Express

In 1903, a foul murder is committed on the Transvaal Express, and it is up to the motley collection of passengers to solve the crime before they reach Johannesberg. Captain Van Dyke of the South African navy has been slain, and the secret documents he was carrying stolen. All of the other passengers stand to gain from the documents, but which one would stoop so low as to slay a naval officer with a magnificent beard?
Was it the Indian Diplomat, sitting so timidly behind his horn-rimmer glasses? Or possibly the fabulously wealthy arms dealer? Could it have been his own batman? Or the English doctor traveling home from his mission hospital? Was it one of the railway porters, embroiled in some sinister conspiracy?
Murder on the Trasnvaal Express is a role playing game of deduction and bluff. One of the players is the murderer, the others must try to find out who while avoiding suspicion themselves. The game will use the easily learned and highly adaptable Dice Chucker V.3 ruleset, and support up to four players per session (due to the size of the railway compartment in which it will be run!). There will be three game sessions run throughout the day, and no prior RPG experience is required.

Game Details: The Battle of Coal Creek.

Early in the 20th Century, enraged coal miners from the Coal Creek mine in Korrumburra riot over their poor pay, lousy treatment, and the low quality of the sandwhiches in the staff canteen. Against them stand the full might of the Victoria Police, and joining in the fun in an attempt to over-throw the government are Miss Arlington-Primm's School for the Sons and Daughters of The Worthy Poor - a cell of the dreaded Nanarchist movement!
Take control of one of the three oppossed forces and lead them to victory over a scale replica of a section of Coal Creek Historic Park and Museum!

  • Rioting miners - disgruntled and dirty men with large clubs and a wild gleam in the eye. Some have even managed to find guns, and now they want to steal the company pay roll and capture the mine owner to force him to meet their demands.
  • The Victoria Police - a stalwart band of constables lead by a redoubtable sergeant with outrageous whiskers. Sworn to protect the mine owner and quell the rioting miners.
  • Miss Arlington-Primm's School for the Sons and Daughters of the Worthy Poor - small children trained to be the absolute peek of disgustingly cute terrorist strike forces, they see the Battle of Coal Creek as the first step in their master plan to over throw the government and ban school uniforms.
The game will make use of Alien Dungeon's Fanticide rules system, and supports up to ten players. The rules are very easy to learn, and games should last no more than an hour.
Game sessions will be run every hour.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

GeekFest 2015 announced!

            For countless eons of time the geekly population of Gippsland was without form and purpose, without organization and without a single, unifying event to bring them together to glorify and praise all forms of geek culture. And then into this darkness strode a shining colossus of colossal shininess, and looked upon this dreary situation and declared ‘Let There Be Geekfest’ in words which bore almost no resemblance to thunder.
            And there was.
            And it was good.
            And Geekfest was dedicated to the glory of all things geek in Gippsland. A place where learned and scholarly debate on which doctor is best, which captain is supreme and which fantasy is worthy of being considered final could happen. A place where men and women of all ages could dress as fictional men and women of all ages and be greeted not with cries of derision, but with rousing applause. A place where a man could wield 40,000 Warhammers. A place to debate the merits of different spandex-clad heroes. A place where the Lion-o could lie down with the LAN. A place for all punks, be they cyber, steam, diesel or atom. A place of geek pride.
            And thus it shall be on Saturday 17th of January, 2015, when Coal Creek Community Park and Museum hurls open it’s portals and extends it’s welcoming arms to the massed hordes of Geekdom, and the inaugural Geekfest commences. Events of great moment and magnitude shall occur; demonstrations of Wargaming prowess; participation role-playing sessions, displays of cosplaying excellence, steampunk sartoriallity, and medieval mayhem. And they shall occur in an atmosphere of supportive and all-embracing tolerance. And they shall be family friendly and shall inspire coming generations and grizzled elders alike to take up that greatest of mantles which is the title; Geek.