Thursday, November 12, 2015

Floor Games confirmed for 2016!

That's right sportsfans - this year's outrageously popular children's floor games are back in 2016! Held once again in the sustainability centre, these all-ages contests of strategy and skill shall include:

PegFlight: Using small planes made from clothes pegs, take to the clear blue skies of the Great War and dogfight with your fellow fighter pilots!

Pirates' Treasure: Lead your bloodthirsty crew of bloodthirsty pirates and they battle for possession of Cap'n Rumblegut's Treasure (bloodthirstily). This game makes use of wooden toy pirate ships and glittering multi-sided dice.

Winterloo: The massed sea mammals of the Duke of Walrusington march forth to fight the Grande Armee of Napolarbear Bonaparte in this light-hearted recreation of the Battle of Warterloo. Lead mighty regiments of cardboard cut-out soldiers to victory and hurl balls with wild abandon!

GeekFest 2016 Contests Confirmed

At an extraordinary meeting of the GeekFest committee today, the following contests were confirmed for GeekFest 2016:

  • Cosplay
  • Steampunk Costume
  • Geeky Cake Decoration
  • Film
  • Children's Colouring in
Details of these magnificent contests and their glorious shining prizes appear on this very website.

GeekFest 2016 is seeking traders!

GeekFest 2016 is seeking traders! Last year we had over 1500 people visit, and we're hoping to be even better this year, so there will be no shortage of customers for your wares!
If you are interested, see the Trader's Information Page.