Thursday, December 22, 2016

Face Painting

Sammie Top of Cooking with Colour Face Painting and Catering will not be catering for GeekFest. She will be painting faces however. Lash out the princely sum of $2.50 for a cheek, $5 for half a face OR $10 for a full face! And yes, she CAN do Darth Maul.

Contest reminder

Here we are, nearly Chirstmas, but more importantly, very nearly GeekFest 2017!
In case you hadn't noticed, or you need a gentle reminder, we're running a bunch of awesome contests, including:

  • Cake decoration!
  • Figure painting!
  • Film making!
  • Story writing!
  • Lego building!
and many more! Check out the contests page from the menu or this very handy link, and get to work on your entries!

Trebuchets and tribulations with Grant Truman

The real thing at Cardiff Castle, Wales.
First time GeekFest presenter Grant Truman builds working model trebuchets. You know, the medieval siege catapaults? And at GeekFest, not only will be be talking about the making of medieval siege equipment, he'll be there to help you to build your own model trebuchet and then use it to flatten a castle!
He will be located in the palatial workshops of Coal Creek's joinery*

*I've never been in there. I just assume they're palatial. Your mileage may vary.


Animelab will be returning to GeekFest 2017, screening a fine selection of Anime trailers and demos in the Mechanics' Institute.

Get Geeked with Dragon Ball Z

Ben Sinnbeck, luxuriantly bearded owner of Get Geeked, Wonthaggi's own dealer in the important things in life like TCGs, CCGs, Funko Pops, Boardgames and tiny pots of paint is pleased to announce that Get Geeked will be running a bunch of cool Dragon Ball Z stuff at GeekFest 2017!
There will be learn to play sessions, demo games and a beginner tournament on Saturday, followed by the DBZ championships on Sunday. There will also be a full range of DBZ cards and accessories on sale, and a magnificent custom play mat up for grabs!
Check out more details over at Get Geeked.


The mighty juggernaut of Minecraft roles ever onwards - returning to GeekFest2017 for it's third gloriously pixelated year! This year Minecraft will be running in the auditorium in the entrance building.
Computers (with the all important game pre-installed) are supplied, and there will be events and stuff throughout the day.

Clockwork Colt

Clockwork Colt, makers of finest goggles, hats, jewellery and accessories in the Steampunk mode will once more be at GeekFest. All Clockwork Colt pieces are unique, and they are available for custom work to match any outfit you may already possess.

Keipa's Carpentary

Brendan Crawford of Keipa's Carpentary will be at GeekFest.
Brendan Crawford has been involved with Medieval Re-enactment for more than 30 years. He now runs Keipa's Carpentry and makes a variety of medieval items. These include wooden "Waster" training swords, children's Heraldic swords and shields for kids to design and paint their own heraldic devices on (paints, brushes and information will be available at his stall), and a variety of board games from the Viking, Medieval, Roman, and even Egyptian periods (He teaches these games as well).
Keipa's Carpentry can be found on Facebook


Giant Games

Feel like playing something big? Just beside the old bank building you will find the Giant Games Arena! Giant Chess, Checkers, Jenga and Toppollo will be running all day.
But wait, I hear you cry, what is this Toppollo of which you speak? For that matter, how does one play Jenga, or Chess?
Ah, gentle reader, allow me to lift the veil and reveal Toppollo, the brain child of Paint+Take organiser Owen, a dextrous dexterity game of staggering simplicity. Balance your odd collection of wooden shapes (or in the giant version, cardboard boxes) atop one another hoping they don't fall down. The first player to get rid of all their peices is crowned the victor, but beware - ANY blocks which fall off the stack in your turn are added to your pile... Full details of Toppollo are available here.