GeekFest 2018 is currently in the early planning stages. Please check back closer to the event for more workshops.

Learn to paint Wargames Miniatures.

Figure painting is a hugely popular hobby, whether you are painting figures for a game or just for display. Learn the basics of the hobby at the Paint+Take area in GeekFest 2018. There will be two kinds of sessions, each focussing on a particular set of skills and techniques. Figures, paints and brushes are all provided.
In Skin and Fur, learn how to paint and highlight skin tones by mixing paints, as well as how to paint and drybrush fur.
In Armour and Cloth, learn how to base coat and highlight cloth, as well as how to use drybrushing to create realistic metal armour.
Remember, all figures painted during these sessions are eligible for entry in the Miniature Painting contest!

SKIN AND FUR: 1000-1100

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