Thursday, November 12, 2015

Floor Games confirmed for 2016!

That's right sportsfans - this year's outrageously popular children's floor games are back in 2016! Held once again in the sustainability centre, these all-ages contests of strategy and skill shall include:

PegFlight: Using small planes made from clothes pegs, take to the clear blue skies of the Great War and dogfight with your fellow fighter pilots!

Pirates' Treasure: Lead your bloodthirsty crew of bloodthirsty pirates and they battle for possession of Cap'n Rumblegut's Treasure (bloodthirstily). This game makes use of wooden toy pirate ships and glittering multi-sided dice.

Winterloo: The massed sea mammals of the Duke of Walrusington march forth to fight the Grande Armee of Napolarbear Bonaparte in this light-hearted recreation of the Battle of Warterloo. Lead mighty regiments of cardboard cut-out soldiers to victory and hurl balls with wild abandon!

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