Thursday, December 22, 2016

Giant Games

Feel like playing something big? Just beside the old bank building you will find the Giant Games Arena! Giant Chess, Checkers, Jenga and Toppollo will be running all day.
But wait, I hear you cry, what is this Toppollo of which you speak? For that matter, how does one play Jenga, or Chess?
Ah, gentle reader, allow me to lift the veil and reveal Toppollo, the brain child of Paint+Take organiser Owen, a dextrous dexterity game of staggering simplicity. Balance your odd collection of wooden shapes (or in the giant version, cardboard boxes) atop one another hoping they don't fall down. The first player to get rid of all their peices is crowned the victor, but beware - ANY blocks which fall off the stack in your turn are added to your pile... Full details of Toppollo are available here.

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