Monday, December 15, 2014

Game Details: The Battle of Coal Creek.

Early in the 20th Century, enraged coal miners from the Coal Creek mine in Korrumburra riot over their poor pay, lousy treatment, and the low quality of the sandwhiches in the staff canteen. Against them stand the full might of the Victoria Police, and joining in the fun in an attempt to over-throw the government are Miss Arlington-Primm's School for the Sons and Daughters of The Worthy Poor - a cell of the dreaded Nanarchist movement!
Take control of one of the three oppossed forces and lead them to victory over a scale replica of a section of Coal Creek Historic Park and Museum!

  • Rioting miners - disgruntled and dirty men with large clubs and a wild gleam in the eye. Some have even managed to find guns, and now they want to steal the company pay roll and capture the mine owner to force him to meet their demands.
  • The Victoria Police - a stalwart band of constables lead by a redoubtable sergeant with outrageous whiskers. Sworn to protect the mine owner and quell the rioting miners.
  • Miss Arlington-Primm's School for the Sons and Daughters of the Worthy Poor - small children trained to be the absolute peek of disgustingly cute terrorist strike forces, they see the Battle of Coal Creek as the first step in their master plan to over throw the government and ban school uniforms.
The game will make use of Alien Dungeon's Fanticide rules system, and supports up to ten players. The rules are very easy to learn, and games should last no more than an hour.
Game sessions will be run every hour.

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