Sunday, December 21, 2014

Floorgames at Geekfest 2015

Are you looking for a way to get your gamer kids into wargames, but they're too young for all that dice rolling, chart checking, and measuring-tape-fu? Floor games are the answer! Very simple wargames played out across a floor, using dice or small balls as projectiles!
At Geekfest 2015, we will be running sessions of Pegflight, Pirates' Treassure and Winterloo (all highly popular games featured in the Gippsland Gamers holiday program since the dawn of time... or January 2014 anyway.)

Peg Flight is an exciting floor-based game which uses small aircraft models made from pegs. Dice are flicked or dropped to determine damage from attacks, and movement uses a set of rules and measuring sticks. Peg Flight is really very simple, and a lot of fun for kids ages 8+.
You also get to make lots of shooting noises.

Pirates' Treasure is an exhilarating nautical floor-based game of pirates fighting over a fabulous treasure. Okay, it's chocolate money. But it's FABULOUS chocolate money! Like Pegflight, movement is based on a set of measuring sticks, and you attack your fellow pirates by piffing dice at them. Whatever you hit is damaged, and whatever number is showing up on the dice when it stops moving is how bad the damage is. Did I mention the dice are exciting dice with lots of really big numbers? Because they are. Pirates' Treasure is simple and easy-to-learn fun for kids ages 8+.
And there's chocolate at stake.

Winterloo is an even simpler floor game, but that doesn't make it any less fun! It is the final great battle of the Napolarbearonic wars. Napolarbear Bonaparte has marshalled the Old Guard for one last battle, and the Duke of Walrusington has met him on the fields of Winterloo. In this game of old-fashioned horse-and-musket mayhem, rubber balls are the weapon of choice. Your valiant troops hurl them at the hated enemy, and any hated enemy knocked over are killed! 
Winterloo is a very simple game, suitable for ages 6+ (or those who never really bothered with the whole growing up business).

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