Thursday, January 8, 2015

GeekFest Prizes: ANNOUNCE!!

The prizes for GeekFest's numerous contests have been announced! GeekFest would like to thank Madman entertainment for supplying the endless hordes of DVDs involved.

All hail their noble logo!

Cosplay prizes are:

  • 2 shiny new Anime DVDs from Madman
  • A bag of loot from Coal Creek (and no, I don't know what is in there either, but I am assured it is well beyond the dreams of avarice)
  • $10 cash (juniors) or $25 cash (everyone else)
Minecraft major prizes are:
  • 2 shiny new Anime DVDs supplied by our dear friends at Madman.
  • An official Coal Creek Bag O' Loot
Lesser Minecraft prizes will be announced on the day.

Facebook Photography contest:
  • 4 train tickets (for the train in the park, not a set of Mykis...)
  • A free pass to GeekFest 2016 (so we have a reason to organise it)

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