Friday, January 9, 2015

What is this craft, and why are there mines involved? Minecraft for parents.

Just popping out for an afternoon's Minecrafting.
Are you baffled by the amount of time your children spend digging? Do you wonder why your kids say they have spent all afternoon on Minecraft, and yet they show no signs of coal dust or lung-diseases, and a thorough search of their room reveals no picks or shovels? Ever wondered how they can afford a whole sword made from diamonds, and yet you are sure they have not been hacking into banks?
Thanks to the noble Fiona Edwards, all will be revealed! Minecraft for Parents - an introduction to understanding what your child is so obsessed by, and how it can actually become and handy educational tool. At last the veil shall be parted and all those cryptic things your teen says will start to make sense. Well, most of them. Okay, less than 20%, but the other 80% is about other games and rubbish music, so I'm afraid you will have to seek clarification elsewhere on those.

Minecraft for parents workshop: 10:30am in the Masonic Lodge.

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